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Smell Festival: Bologna 24-30 May 2010

Smell Festival is an event open to the general public, dedicated to the fifth sense as an instrument of knowledge and culture. Stage of the event is the City of Bologna, which has always been recognized as a place of culture thanks to its ancient university, and pleasure, because of its famous nightlife and gastronomic tradition.

Why a festival dedicated to smell?
Over the centuries, smells, flavors and fragrances accounted for humans useful information for survival, a means of interaction with others, a language to communicate with spirits and deities, expression of human creativity and a way to take care of one's body and soul.
Today this feeling is much weakened: we can hardly give a name to our olfactory sensations and consider them far less important than information coming from sight and hearing.

Along with cultural factors, our lifestyle, diffuse pollution and our distance from nature contribute to "olfactory ignorance." Rediscover smell is to recognize the corporeal value of knowledge, finding a connection with the environment we live in and promoting a better quality of life.
The olfactory perceptions represent an important vehicle for memories and emotions, a language of interaction with others and the environment, a source of well being and aesthetic pleasure.
Following this line, Smell solicits an invitation to discover the universe where olfactory flavorings and scents are the gateway to an instinctive, emotional, synesthetic knowledge. With a rich program of events and many sensory activities, the Festival audience can follow their nose with confidence, to pursue pleasure and the fragrance of life.

The program includes:
SMELLS - sensory events with active exercise smell
MEETINGS - cultural study with book authors, lecturers and researchers
SMELLING SENSES - Series of meetings on the myth and history of perfume
LABORATORIES - Practical activities to educate the smell and creatively use aromas, essences and perfumes.

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(Bologna, 19/05/2010 )




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