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Zola Jazz & Wine Vocedanza 29 May to 29 June 2010

At the foot of Bologna's hills, accents, expressions and movements of jazz.
Extraordinary female voices and talents of dance mix with flavorings of the best wines of the territory.

For the eleventh edition of Zola's Jazz & Wine the successful collaboration goes on with the Teatro Auditorium Manzoni of Bologna and in particular with its original orchestra founded by Master George Zagnoni: the Pan Ethno Jazz Orchestra. Vocedanza, the title of the 2010 edition, is part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the birth of the municipality of Zola Predosa. The event oscillates between two major poles of attraction: the female voice and the various bodily expressions inspired by jazz music. In short, song and dance movement. The extraordinary vocal skills of Luisa Cottifogli, Silvia Testoni and Diana Torto, among the most significant Italian jazz singers, take turns on the stages of Zola Jazz & Wine, with contamination between jazz, pop-rock and ethnic. The three events dedicated to the bodily expressions propose on the other hand an uneasy compromise between jazz improvisation and the ability of dance to follow and lead the music at the same time. Three styles, therefore, in which moments of structured choreography and improvisation live together: contemporary dance, flamenco and African dance. A particularly interesting challenge that, to paraphrase Curt Sachs, brings us back to the origins of music on the human body as a self-sufficient means.

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(Bologna, 19/05/2010 )




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