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Tagliatelle emilianeWhen it comes to good, tempting and tantalising food, then Bologna is without a doubt its cradle. Indeed, Bolognese cuisine can be said to perfectly reflect the warm hospitability and penchant for the good life of its inhabitants. Especially renowned and popular are the town's first courses, such as tortellini, tortelloni, and tagliatelle. Albeit the simplest of the three, the latter speciality is without a doubt a big-time favourite with the natives and can therefore boast being the most representative dish of Bolognese-style cooking.

Tagliatelle are noodle-like ribbons of egg-pasta traditionally dressed with a ragout-like, minced-meat sauce cooked in wine and tomato on a vegetable base and seasoned with herbs and spices called "ragù". But tagliatelle are also comfortably at home with other dressings, such as ham, tomato, wild mushroom, and truffle. Indeed, they even dress well with sea-food-based sauces.

Bologna can also lay claim to being the capital of tortellini, even though it contends this primacy with its northern neighbour, Modena. The fragrant filling of these small ring-shaped casings of thinly rolled egg-pasta is made to a traditional recipe, which is partly a secret. In any case, the filling is sure to be made up of at least the following essential ingredients: finely chopped cured ham and Bologna sausage-meat (mortadella), egg (whole), grated seasoned Parmesan cheese, and a sprinkling of grated nutmeg. Other ingredients are at each chef's or family's discretion, and you can be sure there are many appetising variations. Tortellini are traditionally cooked in beef and capon stock and eaten in broth. As for tortelloni (like tortellini, but far larger), their base filling comprises a fresh, cottage-like cheese called ricotta, mixed together with more or less seasoned Parmesan cheese and herbs; from there on it's left to the chef's and gourmet's taste, talent and imagination. At this point, the hills overlooking Bologna also chip in to complete the gourmet's delight with some excellent wines. In fact, these first courses wash down especially well with local Pignoletto or Sauvignon.

Bolognese cuisine also boasts a number of excellent main courses, including meat dishes, made to traditional recipes. If there's any room left, Bolognese desserts should not be missed. A creamy cheese called mascarpone, ideal for sweets, and chocolate-based creams play a big role in the more traditional desserts. After all, Bologna is home to the ancient and world-famous House of Majani, gourmet chocolatiers, especially renowned for their hazelnut paste and chocolate (gianduia) cream.



Ristorante DianaIn the centre of town, in one of its main thoroughfares, Diana can be easily and quickly reached on foot from the town's main square, Piazza Maggiore. The large windows of the Restaurant face out directly onto the portico. The ambience is formal, while the period décor is sober, with great attention given to details. Cuisine is genuine Bolognese through and through. The menu lists tortellini in broth, meat-sauce dressed tagliatelle, a variety of roasts and boiled meats, a mixed variety of fried vegetables, the traditional rice pudding and custard cream ice-cream, for which the House is rightly renowned.

Ristorante Diana - Via dell'Indipendenza 24, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 228 162    www.ristorantedianabologna.com



Ristorante BiagiLocated in a late nineteenth century building not far from the Court House in downtown Bologna, this restaurant is imbued with atmosphere, that adds flavour to the excellent Bolognese cuisine with which it indulges its patrons.

Its warm, welcoming décor is in fact evocative of the popular family restaurants to be found in Bologna in the 1950s, all but gone today

Ristorante Biagi - Via Savenella, 9 Bologna
Phone: +39 051 40 70 049    www.ristorantebiagi.it



Trattoria GiginaNot far from the city centre and easy to reach by personal or public means of transport, Trattoria Gigina is a yardstick of Bolognese cooking. Recent refurbishing may have spruced it up, but it has definitely retained that traditional, rustic appearance and milieu so typical of once-upon-a-time popular eateries. The pasta is all freshly home made and all the local staples are sure never to be missing from the menu. Amongst first courses there are tortellini in broth; gramigna (a short, curly, spaghetti-like pasta) with a pork sausage-meat dressing; tagliatelle dressed with luscious Bolognese ragù; passatelli (short, spaghetti-like noodles made out of a mixture of eggs, bread-crumbs and parmesan) in stock. As for main courses there are mixed boiled meats served with an onion and tomato, ratatouille-like side dish; tripe stew; guinea-fowl; rabbit stew. Desserts honourably closing off the gastronomic revelling include home-made fried cream, caramel custard, and a delicious, remotely trifle-like speciality, locally known as "zuppa inglese". Oh yes, there's also a fair and laudable selection of wines, mostly regional, for patrons to contend with.

Trattoria Gigina - Via Stendhal, 1 Bologna
Phone: +39 051 322 300    www.trattoriagigina.it



Ristorante da Nello Ever since 1948 Da Nello in Montegrappa Street has been consistently synonymous of award winning, gourmet Bolognese cuisine. The ingredients that go into making the superb traditional Bolognese recipes for which this restaurant is rightly famous are rigorously and painstakingly selected. Patrons are made to feel at home as soon as they get through the door. Friendly and efficient service bears out the patron's first impression of having made the right choice. Specialities rarely found elsewhere can be enjoyed here, including game, fowl (also wild), fish, truffle, wild mushrooms, and the season's best early fruits and vegetables. The taste buds of even the most fastidious gourmet are sure to accord their contented approval. A favourite with show biz, sports and literary celebrities

Ristorante da Nello - Via Montegrappa, 2 Bologna
Phone: +39 051 236 331    www.ristorantedanello.it



Ristorante La CesarinaWhen it comes to elegance, style, hospitality, comfort and amiability there's no beating this temple of typical Bolognese cuisine. And what better condiment can there be to a good meal than the right atmosphere? Plus, of course, a wide selection of excellent wines, including sparkling wines. To top off a memorable meal, though, patrons are advised to leave room for the House's fabulous desserts. Management's concern to ensure its patrons maximum comfort is witnessed to by the venue's excellent air conditioning and a cool and shady patio, especially set up in summer. The ideal place for an evening meal, be it for business or pleasure, not to speak of romance.

Ristorante La Cesarina - Via S. Stefano,19/B Bologna
Phone: +39 051 232 037    www.ristorantecesarina.it



Ristorante La CesarinaCantina Bentivoglio's menu is sure not to let the demanding patron down. Without betraying Bolognese staples in the least, management has decided to also cater to modern-day tastes, enriching its menu with a range of innovative dishes. In any case, it would be rash not to have a go at at least one of the "Big Three Ts" (tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle). The pasta for the casing of the three Big Ts in this renowned establishment is in fact wrought and rolled out to practically insubstantial thinness by roller-pin and hand, as only professional and experienced "sfogline" know how, while the world-famous Bolognese "ragù" dressing is fresh-made every day. The menu doesn't end there: in the evening, patrons are treated to jazz sessions, with music and melodies composed and played by some of the best and most popular performers of the day

Cantina Bentivoglio - Via Mascarella, 4 Bologna
Phone: +39 051 265 416    www.cantinabentivoglio.it



In Bologna, you can enjoy the best sushi, the famous Japanese specialty made of rice and raw fish. The variety of the dish comes from the choice of fillings and decoration, from the choice of other condiments and how they are combined.


Ristorante HaikuLocated near Fiera in Bologna and easily reached from downtown, the Haiku is a perfect place to enjoy the foods of Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine in an elegant, modern and exclusive restaurant. A rich variety of Japanese dishes, as well as Chinese and Thai ones, cooked according to original oriental recipes are available to guests.

Ristorante Haiku - via Stalingrado 16 (angolo via S. Serlio), Bologna
Phone: +39 051 357 958    www.haiku-restaurant.it



Ristorante MizuumiMulti-ethnic restaurant featuring an elegant and modern, ethnic-style design. On the ground floor you can eat Chinese and Thai, on the first floor Japanese dishes. The restaurant also meets the need of those who are looking for intimacy and exclusivity, since it has a private room for 4-6 people with wooden floor and low table.

Ristorante Mizuumi - via Emilia 169/C, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 454 945    www.mizuumi.it



Cooking and organic food in Bologna, healthy eating for living well.


Ristorante Zenzero BistrotThe restaurant features delicate shades, small wooden tables and seats. Cooking is made from organic products, mostly vegetarian and vegan, but meat dishes can be ordered as well.

The use of high quality products, the careful pairings of flavors gives the dishes a unique flavor.

Zenzero Ristorante Bistrot - Via Fratelli Rosselli 18, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 587 70 26



Ristorante ClorofillaVegetarian restaurant downtown in Bologna. Soy-based dishes, cous-cous, rice, assorted vegetables and a variety of exotic dishes characterize the cuisine of the restaurant.

A rich selection of organic beers and ginseng-tasting chewing gum also characterized the restaurant. All the ingredients come from organic farming.

Ristorante Clorofilla - strada Maggiore 64/c, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 235 343



Ristorante Il CantuccioSmall and cozy, the restaurant offers traditional Mediterranean dishes. From tempting appetizers to main courses, from fried variants to grilled ones, the fish is always fresh and is prepared with full respect of tradition. The wines are carefully selected from the best Italian wine cellars.

Ristorante Il Cantuccio - via Volturno 4, Bologna
Phone: +39 051 233 424




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